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Blog entry #1: November 15, 2020 by Bobby A


Welcome to the brand new SOSOHUMAN website! The official place to connect with the band and to stay in tune (pun intended) with Earl, Spankee, and yours truly. 

Let's talk 2020...
It would be an understatement to say that the year 2020 was very tough. The Covid-19 pandemic took its toll worldwide on the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE. No one was untouched in it's wake. The virus reeked havoc in the form of health, financial, and seemingly moral destruction! Loved ones were lost, jobs and whole industries came to a grinding halt, many heroes and icons left us, education and recreation were turned upside down, and an overwhelming sense that the universe was telling us to slow down was evident at every turn.  

However, despite the chaos, many creative types used the time to pivot and get to work. Musicians began finding ways online to collaborate, people began to learn new skills that previously didn't have time for. More people were enjoying meals at home and bonding with their loved ones while chilling in their pajamas watching Netflix. 

As for Earl, Spankee, and myself, we also decided turned adversity into advantage and realized NOW would be a great opportunity for the band to get back together.  What started as a few 30 second video clips of us playing our old tunes for fun, and really more just to connect and check in with each other, snowballed into the idea of ending this year on a positive note (yes...pun intended again....what can I say? I'm a punny guy). That's how we came up with the idea of releasing a holiday themed single. We figured, let's just end the year being SO SO MERRY, THANKFUL FOR OUR FRIENDSHIP, AND LOOKING FORWARD TO A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Now here's the best part...we're giving that song away for FREE.....well sort're gonna have to give us your email to get it, but hey....we know you want to stay connected to your fellow HUMANS...that's why your here, and we're SO SO glad about that! To download our new Christmas single: "Deck The Halls With Rock and Roll" just click HERE

And for the real "STRONG FANS", check out the sweet new merchandise we have available! We have the limited edition "2020HUMAN logo available on all kinds of items and "DECK THE HALL WITH ROCK'N'ROLL" holiday special merchandise! Grab your swag now and rock into 2021 in SO SO style!  Get yours HERE

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Don't forget to share and stay tuned for future blog post from Earl and Spankee! 





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